Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mini MTC Week

On Tuesday morning the missionaries were greeted at the registration desk
and given a new companion for the week and training packets to work from.
Their regular companions were paired with other missionaries to
carry out the work of the day while they were trained. After each day of instruction,
they would return to their areas and companions and deploy that which they learned.

Excited missionaries anxious to find out what the New Curriculum was all about!

Our Wonderful Assistants greeting our missionaries!

Sister Hudson said good-bye to her trainee, Sister Freeman, who would
carry out the daily appointments until she returned that night.

Elder Rodriguez and President Beck ready to begin the meeting.

We taught the Certified Curriculum in the chapel. Each day we would introduce
two different lessons and practice in groups what they learned.

Each day Sister Eager and Sister Clark, with their able assistant
husbands, would prepare a wonderful lunch for all the hungry
missionaries. Thanks for all your hard work sisters!

At the end of each day our missionaries received an object of their
learning. On day four they all received a certificate of graduation
and a large delicious apple reminding them that now they were
all certified teachers for the simplified curriculum. It was
their job to go and teach the rest of the missionaries so that
their teaching skills could improve also.

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