Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Polar Express

The morning after the wedding (what in the world were we thinking) we all prepared for our trip up north to the Grand Canyon. We got as far as Williams when the blizzard conditions were so bad we decided not to go any further. Williams was where we were to depart on the Polar Express, but that was still 4 hours away. What do you do in a little town with 11 grandchildren and 10 adults for 4 hours. By the way, Bill was so car sick that he walked into the train depot and could not keep it in any longer. It provided a little comic relief for everyone. We wandered in all the little shops and with each one we went into all the kids wanted to buy, so that wasn't such a wonderful idea. We decided to go eat in a little corner cafe. We weren't really hungry because we had eaten only 3 hours ago on the way up, but it gave us something to do. Might I say I felt sorry for those who were around us and waited on us with all the kaous of so many people. Travis decided that he needed to begin his meal with a mile high piece of oreo pie, which everyone attacked when they brought it to the table. After we destroyed the cafe we headed back over to the train depot for the Polar Express ride. Meanwhile, we lost Brandon in the crowd, found him and had to walk clear to the front of the train. It must have been a 26 car train which was a long cold walk for the little kids.

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