Monday, December 14, 2009

I'll Be Home for Christmas - Departing Missionaries

Departing missionaries are Sister Crowley, Sister Del Rosario, Elder Sellers, Elder Van Orden, Elder Schlegel, Elder Welch, Elder Rigsby, Elder Bement, Elder Moser, Elder Miskimons, Sister Reyes, Elder Hatch

Each transfer I read a bedtime story to our departing missionaries called "Mommy, Do I have to Go on a Mission?". It is a story of a little boy who doesn't want to go on a mission because he will have to leave all the people he loves. He grows up and becomes a missionary. When it is time for him to go home he expresses those same feelings about leaving all those people he loves behind to go back home. It stirs some feelings within all of them as they get ready to depart in the morning.

Craziness in the garage as missionaries prepare to go home in the morning. Suitcases are weighed and things discarded to meet the weight requirements. We always end up with all sorts of personal things that don't make the cut.

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