Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May Arrivals

Elders Bingham, Elkington, Murdock, Bell, Campbell, Chapman, Bowen, Berry, Schneider & Sister Schwenke

On Tuesday morning we sent the departing Elders on their way to the airport, and picked up the arriving Elders and one Sister. They must have arrived early because they never came down the corridor while we were waiting. Our secretary called us to say they were waiting for us a baggage claim. We went down to great them and I said, "Welcome to Hell". President gave me a dirty look and then I explained that the last mission President used to say that to all arriving missionaries who arrived in the summer months. Obviously, referring to the fact that it was an oven outside. Later on that day, as we were training these Elders and Sister, we received a call from the mother of Elder Miller who wasn't able to come with the April missionaries last transfer because of a medical condition. He stayed at the MTC for another six weeks where he was able to have a surgery to correct his problem. President called the MTC and told them to put him on the next flight out to Phoenix. He missed all the activities of the day but arrived that night excited to get started. Another great group has joined our Royal Army in the Arizona Phoenix Mission.

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