Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Matching up Companionships

This is Elder Campbell on the left, with his new trainer, Elder Flory on the right. When Elder Campbell introduced himself at transfers he said. "I'm already looking up to Elder Flory, as my new trainer and companion."

Working the transfer board is a miracle in itself and is a very complicated process that takes many days to complete. We had eleven Elders come into the mission and seven leave this transfer. That meant we had to find companions for those who left and trainers for those coming in. A trainer is considered the most important assignment in the mission. If we have good trainers then good habits and skills will be transferred to our new missionaries making them, "Preach My Gospel " missionaries. President only puts the best in this training position. There are always those who are having medical problems who need to be put in new areas, those not getting along with their companions, and those who are disobedient in their areas. All these are considerations in the transfer. When all is done we look at the board and go to the temple to receive confirmation from the Lord on what we have done. This is His mission and he knows where they need to be. We are just instruments in His hands.

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