Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Outgoing Missionaries

Elder Chalmers went home a week early because his visa was up. He wasn't able to join his group for the
farewell dinner and testimony meeting. We missed you Elder Chalmers. You are a great missionary!

Elder Burris, Yorgasen, Gallup, Clarke, Grayson, Sondereger, Timmons, Kavenaugh, Barnes, Willis, Widfeldt

Elder Willis trying to organize his suitcase so he can get the most important things back home.

This was an incredibly dedicated group of missionaries leaving our mission. While waiting for their exit interview with the President they got antsy not doing anything and asked if they could go out tracting one last time. I dropped them off in different neighborhoods and they came back l hour later with two potential investigators. Eleven missionaries left in this group and all eleven were Level Five Scholars. Two were past Assistants to the President and 8 were Zone Leaders or District Leaders and all were great missionaries. We have a big hole to fill in the mission.

The Last Meal was Carne Asada...a favorite of all the missionaries.

These are our models for our new mission shirts that just arrived that day!

Awaiting their final departure from the Arizona Phoenix Mission. We will miss you Elders!

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Lindsey and Thomas said...

That really shows what great Elders they were, wanting to go out tracting one last time!