Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our Level Five Scholars

As I mentioned in a previous blog spot, when our missionaries reach Level Five of Gospel Study, which is diligent performance of memorization of scriptures, reading, Studying of Preach my Gospel and missionary work, then they are awarded the Level Five Certificate. With this comes the opportunity to have a companionship study with the President and also Elder Matsen, who was a previous Executive Secretary in the mission. They come to his house and in his extensive library to study together gospel subjects. They are also serve a wonderful breakfast prepared by his wife, Sister Matsen. After, they create their own future study plan so they can continue in knowledge of the gospel. We are over 60 missionaries who have reached this level. These are some of the past recipients of the award.

Elder Patrick Buhr
(our first recipient)

Elder Bratt

Elder Winston, Elder Burzlaff, Masik, Elder Holt

Elder Sweeney

Elder Bramwell, Elder Reading, Elder Wright, Elder Clarke, Elder Baker

Elder Miskimons, Elder Rose, Elder Hanna, Elder Smith, Elder Diaz

Elder Hair, Carver, Otto, Humbert, Hall, Sister Pehrson

Elder Noyce, Burstall, Timmons, Beams, Chalmers, Gibson

Elder Rider, Pickett, Rigsby, Schlegel, Wilson

Elder Durrant, Jensen, Sanders, Willcocks,

Elder Schreyer, Elder Eaton, Sister Clark

Elder Grayson, Kavenaugh, Cox, Nielsen

Elder Burris, Sister Monik, Elder Wesche, Elder Andersen, Elder Lewis, Sisters Beach & Hancock

Elder Parkin, Sister del Rosario, Elder Welch, Sister Larsen, Elder Noland

Elder McGuire, Elder Sondereger, Elder Willis, Elder Payne, Elder Moser, Elder Gallup

Elder & Sister Sorensen, Elder Bergeson, Elder Westbroek, Sister Jones
June 3rd, 2010

Elder Crandall, Elder Bergeson, Elder Roberts, Elder Forschler, Elder Chambers
June 4, 2010

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