Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November Arrivals - New Kids on the Block

On a warm November day we had 9 new missionaries arrive in the mission. Welcome to the #1 Mission
Sister Cotrell, Sister Harvickson, Elder Cichy, Elder Campbell, Elder Holden, Elder Custance,
Elder Gardner, Elder Miles, Elder Johnson

Waiting for the transfer van to come pick up the missionaries and take them to the mission home.

A hungry bunch of missionaries who woke up early to catch a plane were ready to eat lunch and get to work.


Mark said...

I love your blog! It is helping my visualize my son's upcoming mission experience. He enters MTC January 6th. Thank you for posting photos of elders sleeping on floor, eating meals at mission home, receiving awards, etc. Your information has helped me overcome some of the anxiety involved in sending our young man away for 2 years. Mark and Marianne Egan, parents of Nick.

Suzanne said...

Just saying hello. It was wonderful to see your faces. Doing good deeds must keep a person from aging as you both haven't changed a bit. We're doing well. Welcomed number 5 in September, Abigail Juliette. We think of you often. Matt and Suzanne Hansen

President Paul Beck said...

We love and miss you. Glad to see your family is growing. We have never been happier
Paul & Debbie