Monday, April 6, 2009

Elder Lamb's anxious parents came to the mission home to pick him up after the closing activities of the night. It was a sweet reunion between longing parents and a worn out missionary.

It is bedding time as our tired missionaries blow up the mattresses and head into slumber land wondering what their reunions will be like the next day. We did hear loud burst of laughter late that night and found out the next day they were reminiscing about the funny things that happened on their missions. Earlier that evening I tried to instigate a new tradition with outgoing missionaries to tell me some of the things that they had done that were under the radar, but they didn't think that would be such a good idea. It would be like your children telling you all the things they did growing up that you had no idea had transpired.
Breakfast consists of waffles with all the topping, scrambled eggs, and Orange julius. Then our missionaries pile all their luggage into the trailer and truck. After quick good-byes they are off to the airport with the assistants. That gives me about 2 hours to prepare the next lunch meal for our incoming missionaries, clean up the house, do the washing of the sheets and towels and get to the airport for our next group of missionaries.
Our outgoing missionaries going through security. Sometimes it works out that they see the incoming missionaries on their way down the corridor and give them a heads up on the mission.

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