Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our Saturday Hike

Saturday is our preparation day and our new thing is to go on the Saturday hike up Sunrise Mountain (which is really a hill) with friends in the church. Last Saturday we hiked up the Mountain with our Assistants and the Matsen's. Sister Matsen was a powerhouse and it was all I could do to keep up with her. She even did all the talking as we trudged up the mountain. We found a mother owl sitting on her nest, nestled in the Saguaro cactus. The desert is blossoming in the spring and it is a different kind of beauty. After our hike our assistants challenged us to a tennis game. It was fun to swing the racket again and find I still could play. It was the first time I have played since I have been on the mission.
President likes to stick by Elder Matsen as he is a fountain of knowledge of the desert plants.
Mother Owl sitting on her nest in the middle of the Saguaro
Blooming Cactus


Claudia said...

Hello Pres & Sister Beck-it was so good to talk to you for a few minutes while we were there visiting Callie and Brian and reconnect! Unfortunately I misplaced your email address! I would love to keep in touch! It is fun to read about your mission. What a wonderful experience! I will be coming again when Callie has her baby in Oct. Drop me a line with your email if you have time.

President Paul Beck said...

I am behind on reading the comments on the blog. I was so surprised to hear from you and yes we would like to keep up with you also. I'm confused at where Callie is living? Keep me up. My email is Love to catch up.
We have never been happier.