Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Return of Issy...

Tiffany & Michael returned the next week, after Paul's surgery, for a scheduled visit. It was so fun to have her around for another week. We took a trip to Sedona through the beautiful mountains and colorful rock formations. We celebrated often eating ice cream because Michael was allowed to partake of it when he was on vacation and we all took advantage (He gave up ice cream for 2008). Monday after I gave a Gratitude talk to the missionaries at Interviews, I left President interviewing. It was a 6 hour interview day for him, and I just snuck out and went to the Wildlife Zoo with Tiff, Michael, and Issy. We had so much fun as it was a hands on experience with the animals. When we entered the petting zoo, I decided it was a little too much hands on as the animals attacked me. The llama wanted the food I had in my hand, along with all the other animals and the goat was eating my skirt. It didn't seem to bother Issy, until the goat took a little too much of her hand in his mouth. The hardest part was the next morning when we took them to the airport. I knew it would be a while before I saw her and as I rolled down my window to wave. Her outstretched arms and cries of "Nana" was just about as much as I could stand. With tears running down my cheeks, we returned home and saw the little hand marks on my bedroom floor mirror. I decided I would just leave it until her next visit. Next time she will be able to come with her new little brother or sister.

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